Full Mouth Restoration

Patients who have extreme wear and tear on their teeth, or who have suffered an accident, injury, or damage from serious gum disease are good candidates for full mouth restoration. A full mouth restoration may involve crowns, bridges, implants, or even orthodontics, as well as veneers or teeth whitening. Because every patient and mouth is different, we customize each full mouth restoration to fit your needs and priorities. Whether you’re looking for a smile makeover or have extensive dental health issues that require repairs, full mouth restoration can achieve dramatic and healthful results.

A full mouth restoration can be an intimidating prospect, so you’ll remain in control of the entire process—we can break down the entire treatment plan into more manageable parts and work through it as fast or slow as you feel comfortable. We would rather go slowly and provide you with long-lasting results that you’ll appreciate, rather than rushing your treatment or skipping steps. Ultimately our goal is to partner with you to return your mouth to its most healthy and functional state possible.